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   Cabinet Conseil en Ressources Humaines en Rhône-Alpes


GPS Interfaces - Cabinet conseil en Ressources Humaines en Rhône-Alpes.
Grenoble : 2, allée des Mitaillères 38240 Meylan - Tél : 04 76 18 15 20
Annecy : 86, route d'Aix les Bains 74600 Seynod - Tél : 04 50 10 45 73


Recrutement, évaluation,
bilan de compétences,
coaching, outplacement, formation.


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Offre d'emploi réf. : c2159

Beamline Scientist


Société : THE ESRF
Region : RHONE-ALPES - 38

Contrat : Time-limited position (5 years maximum)*
Salaire : The monthly salary may be complemented by additional allowances upon eligibility.
Date de l'offre : 12/05/2017

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The ESRF, the European Synchrotron, is an international research facility based in Grenoble, France. Thanks to high-level, innovative engineering and cutting-edge vision, the ESRF is recognised as one of the top research institutions worldwide, welcoming more than 6 500 scientists every year in fields such as biology, medicine, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, cultural heritage, materials and surface science, and physics. The ESRF is supported by 21 countries and employs 600 staff.

Votre mission : You will play a major role in the operation and further development of the ID21 beamline as well as in the other activities of the group. ID21 is devoted mainly to high resolution X-ray micro-analysis (μXRF and μXANES) in the 2-9keV range with various applications in the fields of life sciences, environmental sciences, earth sciences and cultural heritage. The beamline is currently benefitting from an important refurbishment, including the upgrade of the scanning X-ray microscope, targeting extended energy range, smaller beam size, improved XRF detection, better sample cryo-preservation, access to 3D information and better integration of complementary techniques (e.g. X-ray diffraction and ptychography). As a Beamline Scientist, your missions include:  Leading the microscope upgrade project, in particular to coordinate the design, implementation and commissioning of the new microscope  Fostering and expanding scientific activities, in particular through user support and in-house research.

Profil recherché : PROFILE, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE  PhD and several years of postdoctoral experience in physics, biology, chemistry or a related discipline  Experience in μXRF and μXAS is essential. You are expected to have strong aptitudes for synchrotron instrumentation. Experience in cryo-microscopy will be an advantage.  Good interpersonal skills are essential to integrate into a multidisciplinary and international research team. Project management skills will be an asset.  Proficiency in English (working language at the ESRF)